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Non-cooperative and misbehaving clients



A buyer has requesting for some designs.

The order has not yet begun, and we have mutually agreed to confirm the order once we finalize the designs.

Despite numerous requests again and again, the client has not provided anything, particularly regarding corrected information and other essential project details.

The client is only sending messages insisting on the completion of the project and is blaming me for the delay of over 1 month.

I can design but how can I know what are the details of the project.

When I prepared a spreadsheet file containing approximately 450 names, and requested the client to review them and provide any missing information before I start designing, the client responded with abusive language.

How should one deal with this situation where you have no proper information to start a project, and when is it appropriate to report it after having tolerated it for long enough?

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If the order did not start yet, please you should not work with that client in that process. If you are feeling that the buyer is not fit for you then don't take this project. Because, in this case, you can get multiple revision. Even you can get cancellation.

One more thing, there always Fiverr Support available to assist you in all the situation.

If you think the buyer is spamming, you then you can mark as spam. Even you can block buyer if he insists you to complete the task before order.

Best of luck!


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