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Dear Fiverr Support Team 
I have created a new seller account. I have created my seller account following all your guidelines and rules. Very nicely created, you emailed me to start my journey. But unfortunately when I give the gig it shows me that your seller account is not approved i.e. inactive. I don't understand why this is happening. Please tell me where I went wrong and I will correct it. Because I have given an account and gig according to all your rules. So why won't my account activate? Please tell me where my mistake is and I 
will correct it and do as you say. 
Please activate my account and allow me to actively work on Fiverr.
Thank you so much.
Best Regards


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Hello @jahidin 

We recognize how important it is to you to become a Freelancer and thank you for your interest in our platform. If your request was reviewed and not approved, please kindly note that we can’t change this decision. You are welcome to continue using Fiverr as a Buyer.

We appreciate your understanding. 

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