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Old fiverr account published new seo friendly gig with proper researching but impression 0 and 1


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My Fiverr account has 3 reviews but I haven't been active on Fiverr for almost 2 years. I published 2 new gigs one is today another was 1 week ago but the gig results impression 1 and 0. I've optimized the SEO with keywords, but what other strategies can I use to improve my gig's visibility and attract potential buyers? I think it's my account ranking problem so what do you think please share. 
Please see my gig and provide your feedback: 

low impression.png

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Hi @zannat_wp, our algorithm takes many factors into account, which means the results vary by user. Since the marketplace is ever-changing and competitive, we suggest working hard to ensure that your Gigs stand out. There are some great threads from the Fiverr community and Fiverr employees on the forum that we recommend you read:

How to be successful on Fiverr, common questions answered and a collection of great posts that helped me achieve TRS

Changes I Made to My Gig Images to Attract More Clients

Using Titles, Tags and Metadata to Optimize Your Gigs

4 minutes ago, raihannazam said:

do some activities on forum

Being active on the Forum has no influence on how well you do on the Fiverr platform. You can learn some tips&tricks, however, forum activity is not related to your Fiverr Seller account.

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