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How You Guys Track Your Earnings On Fiverr?




I've come across some older discussions where sellers on Fiverr were talking about missing earning, here you can see (https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/259601-missing-earning-funds-on-my-account-on-many-orders/".

One seller mentioned: When we check the Earnings page where orders are cleared, many of them didn't clear properly, resulting in missing funds. Upon reviewing my recent orders that had already cleared, I noticed that some didn't go through properly, with funds missing."


I'm curious to know if this issue still persists. Has anyone encountered it recently? I understand it's likely a glitch that support can address, but I'm unsure how to effectively track my earnings. I want to ensure that at the end of each month, I can see a clear record of my earnings, all properly cleared and added to my funds for withdrawal. If any funds are missing even after 14 days, I plan to reach out to support for assistance.


I mean do you have excel sheet to record this all, or any other tool?



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