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Tips for buyers: How to choose the right content gig for your website/services?


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Today I am writing this post in the form of a discussion on Fiverr forum to provide some ideas to thousands of article, blog, web content, copy buyers across the world. I am a professional freelance writer and internet researcher and Fiverr Level 2 Seller. Fiverr has hundreds of gig in the writing section. So there are times when potential buyers are unable to decide the right gig for their website, blog or services. Here are some points which will help you to choose the right gig for your service.

  1. Search for the exact keyword in the search box given at the top left corner of the Fiverr homepage. This will save your time in the search process.

  2. Check out the recommended gigs as well as the high rated writing gigs on Fiverr. This will help you to shortlist a couple of writing gigs.

  3. Look for the ratings as well as the comments written by the buyers of the gig.

  4. Make sure that you do a good search and not just focus on the highest rated gigs. This will help you to land on many hidden gigs which are seen on the very first page of the keyword search results.

  5. For a buyer, cost of the gig is one of the most important factors, which motivates or can even demotivate a potential buyer’s decision.

  6. Quality matters a lot for any work. So, choose the gigs you want to buy very wisely. If you want any advice/suggestions you can contact me anytime with your question. You will get advice just free of cost and choose the right gig for you.

  7. Delivery time is an important aspect. Choose a gig which delivers at the right time and does not delay except due to some exceptional reasons.

    I hope I have provided some good ideas so that you can choose the best gig!

    I would love to know your views and ideas on the same. Please leave your comments in the discussion. 🙂 :)>-

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