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Client wants everything for FREE

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Did anyone experience this? I have a client who only wanted to do minimal tasks on his store. The initial contract instructions were so minimal that I didn't see the red flags from this client. 

Fast forward, now he keeps on telling me that I am not doing it right. I keep on sending him images of the work I done and yet he doesn't even give feedback. He keeps on saying that's not what I want. 

So I asked him what he wants and he won't tell me. Then out of nowhere, tasks that were not on the initial agreement came in like I had to do them because they were a part of the product updates. 

I grew suspicious and somehow feeling so frustrated because I literally send him every picture of what I do and he doesn't even comment if I am doing them right and he offers no constructive feedback. 

Then he sent me again a message like that's not what I want and never explains it. So I tried to be very professional that I really don't understand why what's wrong with what I'm doing. 

After three days of work, I sent him and trying to honest of what I am going through telling him that I am really frustrated because you're not telling me some things I need to know. 

Once I finished all his work, he removed me as his store admin and tried to cancel his order. I was furious and he told me my work is subpar. This person is a freeloader and doesn't deserve to be in this platform. 

I sent him over 80 images for every detail of work that I done and still no communication from him. Except when I woke up today, saw that he tried to cancel his order because my work is sub par. He never goes beyond that reasoning. I did not cancel because I spent hours on his store trying to make it work and it seems that wasn't his goal. 

His goal was once I finish his work, removed me as admin and cancel his order so he get the work done for free. This person is a freeloader and doesn't deserve respect from Fiverr community. 

Don't fall for his person. 

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I'm really sorry for your bad experience.

Unfortunately sometimes we as sellers have to deal with difficulties like that.

Don't let this situation discourage you from keeping you of doing what you do best.

If there is something you can do to get what is right for you then do it, if not, then let it go and focus on yourself and not letting this bad experience push you back.

Keep moving forward and far more better clients will come to you inshAllah and things will for sure get better for you.

God Bless You

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