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Hi Fiverr buyers,

As a both a buyer and seller on Fiverr I have a lot of experience of the effects of positive and negative effects. For buyers, no matter what sellers say they will do never ever overestimate the final outcome. When an order is completed the seller’s actual profit is only 4 dollars barely enough to get a McDonalds meal deal. Jokes, but if you enjoyed a seller’s performance make sure to always remember to post a positive review and rating. For a seller even one review improves the seller rating and the gigs placing by a lot so every small review helps! If you did not enjoy an order or seller make sure to be fair when posting a negative review. It can be very detrimental for a sellers rating. However if it truly is necessary make sure to post your review, don’t stay silent otherwise other buyers could make the same mistake!

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That is all!



PS. A thanks is always appreciated!

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