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(General Ordering) Website Design - Ordering tips


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Over my experience from selling website designs and buying them in order to test their user compatibility, I’ve come up with a couple of tips for sellers to look for when ordering.

  1. For usual buyers you will know that the previous rating of a gig is very important to your final decision. They symbolise whether previous buyers enjoyed the freelancer’s service or not.
  2. Check the Fiverr seller’s statistics before ordering. Investigate deeply through all the reviews and even one negative review should be looked at carefully. Though Fiverr has a thriving, kind community there are nevertheless scammers that order gigs from themselves in order to generate good ratings.
  3. You should check the response rate of the seller because it could show how often your orders progress is updated. This is important as you always need to know whether your sellers is using the time allowed to your benefit.
  4. Be very careful of sellers who do not state specifically in their gig description what parts of your website and how many reviews the will do for you. You might find yourself overestimating your eventual product.
  5. When ordering websites be very informed about the type of website you wish to order. For example. A responsive website is one that can be published straight away whereas a PSD website is a design that needs to be further converted before publication.
  6. Know what you are going to get and don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions before you order. If they are not interested or impatient when explaining what they provide they are not the seller for you.
  7. Finally make sure to ask how many reviews they allow. Often a website design won’t come out as you imagine the first time round.

    If you are interested in ordering a fully responsive and beautiful, self editable web design with unlimited review, feel free to check out my gig here!




    PS If you learned something a thanks is always appreciated!
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