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New seller here and have a question regarding customer cancels


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What I want to offer is an small magnet with 2 images that change as you walk by.

Will I run into problems with customers cancelling for no reason?

My margin is very small and once I make it I can’t un-print it and thus cost for materials.

Is there something I can do to cover myself? Can customers cancel a gig for any reason?

Seems there have been issues regarding support cancelling gigs for no reason.

Thanks guys, best selling. 1 love.

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Guest celticmoon

Unless I misunderstand you, what you want to sell is a “real” physical object, which will require shipping. If that’s so, then if a customer receives the item and THEN wants to cancel, you can inform them that you’ll agree to the cancellation as soon as you receive the magnet back in like-new condition. You’ll still be stuck for the cost of making the item, though.

I sell real things, too, and have never, ever in these 15 months had someone ask to cancel. I’ve shipped about 250+ pieces. I think it’s far less likely that someone will cancel an order for something which they have to pay shipping AND have to wait for. As long as your description is very clear and honest, of course, so buyers will know what they’re getting!

I totally agree with Lynx: don’t let that thought be a reason not to give Fiverr a try! I’ve met some of the truly nicest people here, but there will always be a few “rotten eggs”, and those are the ones we hear about the most.

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Guest norrsken_marc

Reply to @supreme3dprints: Perhaps you could start by only offering it to users in the US, and then expanding the reach once you have a better understanding about the shipping times/delays?

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