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I don't understand anything anymore



I cannot describe the level of frustration that I am feeling right now. Last month, I tried to be optimistic about the new system. I have been working here for five years now, and my score in the new system was set to 4, with the only negative impact on "client satisfaction" and "communication". I haven't received a score of less than 5 in more than a year, so I thought maybe there was hidden reviews of a picky client. I believed that if I improved my communication with clients and deliver my best work possible, I could at least improve my score by 1 point at least in the grace period.

I did my best with the few orders that I got this month, and these are the results:

- I got seven orders in total

- Five had a 5-star rating, and two had no reviews

- Three clients left me a tip

- Of those five orders with a rating, the system gave me positive points in all of them like: Visual appeal• Creativity • Exceeded expectations• Storytelling• Attention to details• Professionalism of work...........etc

- It did not give me any suggestions on what I need to improve

- There were no tickets or conflicts with any clients

- Everything was delivered on time

With all of this, I was confident that I would see a positive impact on my score. To my surprise, with the new update, my score is still 4, but now I do not have a negative impact on communications. Instead, now I have a strong negative impact on "client satisfaction" and a negative impact on "conflict-free orders"?. I haven't had an open conflict ticket in like seven months.

I do not know what the criteria is. I don't understand what the time-frame of these evaluations is, and I don't have a clear path on how to move and improve on this platform now.

If the system is telling me that I'm doing well, why do I have such a low score? Can someone tell me the evaluation timeframe of evaluation? Does the system take into account orders from the previous year?


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14 minutes ago, mahparamarwat said:


  1. Timeframe of Evaluation: It's unclear what timeframe the system considers when evaluating your performance. Understanding the evaluation period could provide clarity on how recent your performance data is and whether past orders are being factored into your score.


This is the factor that confuses me the most, what's the logic of having older orders (before the system was introduced) be taken into account considering we knew nothing about them, we focused on the old level metrics and made sure our clients are leaving great reviews and even leaving tips often.
Now all of sudden we are punished for those years while a new seller will have a bigger advantage since the new system is more ''transparent'' than what we've had before.

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