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How boundaries improved my buyer relationships

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I've been a seller on Fiverr for over a decade or so now, if there's one thing I've learned from experience, it's the importance of setting boundaries. 

Without clear boundaries, you'll find yourself chained to your desk, replying to messages at unholy hours, and you can kiss your social life good bye.

Trust me, you're not fun to be around if you're constantly staring at your phone and interrupting social activities because "you just have to respond to this message".

Been there, done that, and let me tell you, it's no way to live.

Setting clear expectations with your buyers is just as important. When you're clear about your availability right off the bat, buyers know when they can expect you to be there (and when you're not). It helps prevent those 3 a.m.-on-a-Sunday-morning "Hey, are you there?" messages.

I've had my fair share of buyers who thought I had some sort of supernatural ability to be on-call 24/7. I rarely get that now, as I've set specific working hours, and typically, I don't respond to messages outside those times. If a really cool project comes along, I'll send a brief message confirming that I've received their request and that I'll follow up on the next business day. You can use quick responses for this, or even auto response.

There is one exception to my rule: I promptly respond to revision requests to acknowledge it and assure the buyer that it will be addressed. It's important for buyer satisfaction, and I'd hate to leave a client hanging. However, this immediate response doesn't mean I'll work on the revision outside my business hours (and I certainly don't wake up at night to respond to them!).


Establishing clear expectations and boundaries also makes you come across as a true professional, because you don't need to pounce on every opportunity like a vulture on carrion. By being upfront about your expectations and availability right from the start, you signal that you're not in a desperate scramble for work. It shows that you're confident in your abilities, value your personal time, and aren't afraid to say so. 

My buyer relationships are better for it.

15 Funny Memes About Setting Personal Boundaries in Life - Happier Human

How do you set boundaries and expectations with your buyers? Do you have set working hours? 

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