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let me tell you my story! About a month ago i opened support ticket regarding an issue. They replied me once with some unclear answers but i had some inquiries and genuine questions which were not answered.. i replied them to seek answers for my questions but 7 days passed away and they didn't responded me! Here you will say you should not have messaged them again and again and should have waited for their response..
My response here is yes i waited for their response but the support team didn't gave a shit about my issue. and then suddenly one day they closed my ticket. This really enraged me and then i kept on opening tickets again and again and they kept on closing my tickets!
After some time i got tired and  didn't opened the ticket again! More than 20-25 days passed away and i didn't opened the ticket.  Then 5 days ago i again opened the ticket, hoping this time i will get their response but they again gave me the same single response that they did earlier, with unclear answers and after that not even a single reply... I talked politely and professionally to seek answers for my question but no response... Finding no other way i came here to report the support service but then i saw other persons are facing the same issue.. 
i am really pissed and don't know hat to do.
have a look at this screenshot i attached , do you think that these question are unnecessary or am i trying to spam them... Read Carefully of my QuestionsScreenshot(30).png.52a137de53f104c798eac6447b53977d.png and then tell me if these question need answers or not?

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