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Push Notification stopped suddenly



Hello everyone, 


Since 2 hours, I have lost push notifcations in my iPhone for Fiverr, I see no notification option available in Notification setting available for Fiverr, I see all other APPs installed in device but lost Fiverr, I have tried to re-install it but didn't solve.


I went through Preferences -> Notifications -> Here I see Turn on Push notification (I got this after re-installing), before it was on but was receiving no notification.


Do you experience this issue today? if not have you ever faced it in iPhone specifically? 

I need some ideas to overcome this issue as it is highly important.



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I am having the same issue! In the Fiverr app under preferences you click on turn push notifications on, and it takes you to the iphone settings. However under the app there are no notification settings and under the iphones general notification settings, there is no Fiverr app. 

I do get badge icons but that's it. What is going on?? 

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