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Why can't I create a new gig?

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Hi, I hope you are well. I am Anwar, active on fiber regularly since last November. I had already published 5 gigs. So I wanted to publish another new gig. I deleted an old gig today, I will be thinking about the fiber update because no more than 5 gigs can be published. Now I have 4 active gigs. But why II can't I create a new gig? Please tell me why I can't create a new gig.
Clicking Create Gig will take you to Active Gig,,,,,,,

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If you delete your 5th gig, then you cannot create five gigs again because of the limit. So, please be aware of that.

At the moment you can only create 4, as of the new update.

Usually most freelancers don't need all seven gigs because most of the orders are placed on only 2-3 gigs.

Thanks for reading!

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