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How to deal with this tricky customer?



Hey folks, I need some advice on how to handle a tricky customer.

I recently completed an audit for a customer in the same way I have done hundreds of other audits for which my customers have been happy. This person however was not and decided after I had completed the order that they didn't want my audit in the format that I do it and that I should do it in the way they have had it from a different supplier in the past. Of course, they submitted it as a revision request (I don't offer revisions!). I naturally replied and explained that wasn't going to happen but since then they have stonewalled me and haven't responded to my messages.

How do I close the revision? I have nothing new to submit to them. Submitting the same thing would be a TOS violation so I don't want to do that either.

Naturally, cancelling the order is an option, but I don't see why I should do that since I have done the work and I don't want to take a ding on my perfect stats. I could follow up with CS but having done this in the past they will just tell me to "try and resolve this with the customer".

What would you do?

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