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Buyers Really Have All Control, Whether The Order Was Completed Or Not.



Hello everyone, please let's have a chat, because this most certainly wouldn't be the first time. I delivered an order for a client, he had asked for ClickUp Dashboards to be created. I asked him questions about the project, gave him a quote, got started and finished. I probably should have taken this as the first sign. But, one of the questions I had asked him was if all the information required to build out the dashboard was available, he replied in the positive. But, after starting and then towards the end of the project, he was trying to get me to put in a lot of information for his team and create custom fields and the rest required for the dashboards. He tried to be sly about it and tried to get me to create a few of it, I noticed what he was doing, but created it anyway and told him he'd have to pay extra to have me continue. He told me not to worry, that he would get a team member to put in the information, which they dd not.

Fast forward to completing the project and receiving the money (from clearance), he comes back asking for the extra service he had not paid for, reports the order and Fiverr just sent the money back to him. I wasn't contacted, I'm sure he wasn't asked for proof that the project wasn't completed and now he has work done for him and his money back.

Is this really what buyers have let Fiverr do? There's no security for sellers and there's not a suggestion/complaint box that our issues can be aired to (except ourselves) because of course the Fiverr support is really for the Buyers not sellers. SMH

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