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Video size to get vetted for the category BOOK & EBOOK writing



Dear Community,
I've tried many times to complete the online form in order to get vetted for the category "Book & Ebook Writing".

This form: https://fiverr.formtitan.com/ftproject/vetted-only. And the support person doesn't bother to understand my question and sends me a ready-made answer that has nothing to do with it!!!

I hope someone will be kind enough to help me at last!

My problem is the size of the required video:

First the system tells me I'm allowed 30 MB, which seems reasonable for a one-minute video. I reduce the size of my video, which is 70 MB, to 27 MB. Perfect, I say to myself. Well, it's not! An error message now tells me that I'm not allowed to exceed 5 MB! I spent a lot of time making this video. I'm not a filmmaker, I'm a writer. And if I cut my video down to the extreme, it becomes completely blurry. I think there's a bug in this form. What should I do? I just don't know how to make a 4 MB video (because it's the whole package that can't be bigger than 5 MB!). And it's driving me crazy, because every time I try, I have to fill in everything from the beginning, because you can't save!

Thanks in advance for your help, Sylvie

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