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When do we get time off for a break?


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Just a general question to those out there who have 50-100 gigs waiting (I currently have 62 from an amount of 89)

What is your outlook on this? I can only speak from my perspective but this is probably a good case study:

Outside of Fiverr (yes, I know that’s a bad phrase) I had a stupid week this week. I had the whole marketing to do for a new hair salon opening tomorrow and I had to do all my Fiverr work as well as that (and about ten other jobs that needed doing).

So how do we balance that work load? Apart from working 24/7, i can’t see an easy answer,


I’m looking at about £4200 this month ($7000) that includes Fiverr work.


I get no absolute breaks to just relax and enjoy it! Im working 7 days a week, about 12 hours each day.

I just want to hear from peeps who have been able to manage a level playing field. How do you do it?



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Yep, your dead right there.


I had this conversation with my wife the other day about ‘turning off Fiverr’ (how bad is that!).

But you can’t suspend gigs you already have in progress can you?

My question was more of finding a metrical understanding within your self that you ‘cut off’?

I’ve see gigs on here after 3 years that have over 10,000 gigs. So my question is more, do you ever suspend a gig, or do you try to get to that level? And if you do, what happens in terms of a break?

Like I said, I’m about 1300 gigs in 7 months. Thats about 185 a month, or 6 a day.

Quite a lot don’t you think?

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Guest joethorn

I remember the first time my gig blew up. I think I received around 50 writing orders in 2 days. At first I was so excited! After about 4 days though it turned into hell. I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t take a day off. I couldn’t even go to bed on time as I had so many deadlines approaching.

Man, be careful what you wish for and all that!

Now I either suspend my gig for a day when orders build up or just increase the lead time by a lot. Thankfully customers don’t seem bothered. I’ve got to have that freedom to have a day off whenever I want it, you know?

Now I just go and leave the site when I feel I’m labouring. Managing time is such a tightrope.

Your gig looks awesome anyway @artworrking. You’re paying the price for your talent, my friend! 🙂

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