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Very important question!!! Create a new account



Hello. I have an important question. Since my account is flagged, I will most likely lose my job on Fiverr. And I have a question, can I, for example, after a few months delete the account and create a new one??? it is important for me to know if I create a new account (after deleting this one) then whether the new account will also be flagged or not ?? It's just that if the new account is also flagged, then there is no point in doing all this  😞 Let me know please 🙏  

Also, is there a chance that my Flagged account will continue to be in high search positions since I have the highest success rates (10/10) and is there a chance that gig promotion option will remain available ?? I will be very grateful for the answer! The CS does not answer all these questions 😞 It's very sad....


Thank you!!!



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Hello @carrotymusic 

Thanks for the tag. 

I see that Customer Support has already addressed all your inquiries, and I have nothing more to add. As you know, on the Forum, we are not able to provide answers to all Fiverr account-specific questions. Some issues are meant to be addressed by our Customer Support only. 

We appreciate your understanding. 


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