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Help. Not getting Any orders on gig with great discription,title,pic etc still no sales


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I went and looked and it seems like you only have one gig active. If you’re referring to your 30 Likes gig, you have clearly had about six sales for that gig and you’ve only been active for 2 months. If you’re trying to get more sales, I would recommend reviewing your description again. There are a few minor typos that could really make all the difference.

Also, compare what you’re offering to what other people with a similar gig are offering. Often times people will just give the title a quick glance over and see what they can get the best money for. I’m not necessarily saying that you should down sell your service, but just be aware of that when you have a lull in sales

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Let’s see…you’ve been on Fiverr for 2 months. It can take a good SIX months to start seeing sales. Are you promoting? Letting people know you’re out there? You can’t just plop down a gig and wait for the money to roll in. You have to promote yourself.

Also, you only have one gig. This wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have something that everybody and their brother offers nowadays. And you know, maybe people just don’t need Instagram followers right now. You may want to think about what other skills you have and add another gig or two. Branch out some.

Also, you mention that you have a great description, title, and pic. Let me guess – this is if you do say so yourself. 😛

Your description isn’t horrible. I’ve seen a lot worse. But there are some nitpicky things you could stand to adjust.

You have randomly capitalized words. There’s no need for this. The first word of a sentence is capitalized. Proper nouns are capitalized. You don’t need to capitalize any other words.

Use punctuation correctly. Don’t use exclamation points where there should be question marks. And if you want to use an exclamation point to emphasize a sentence, use an interrobang (it’s informal, but widely accepted as sort of an emphatic question).

So this:

Are You Tired Of Looking For Real Instagram Followers!!

Should look like this:

Are you tired of looking for real Instagram followers?

Or this:

Are you tired of looking for real Instagram followers?!

Also, why do you have “Fo-llowers”? That’s strange. The word is “Followers”. And again, you’ve capitalized all the words.

Change this:

Want Fo-llowers That Stay Active Always And Like,Comment On Your Pics Or Videos?

To this:

Want followers that always stay active and like/comment on your pics or videos?

You also have weird spacing in the description. You don’t have to space words out to fit on new lines. Now, this could just be my browser. The computer I’m using at the moment doesn’t do me any formatting favors online. But I see “L ike” instead of “Like” (which shouldn’t be capitalized either). I also see “Or Likes ,It Will”. These are formatting errors.

So this:

If yes! You Are at the Right Gig And your search ends here!

I will provide you with 30+ Real Instagram Fo-llowers That Comment And L ike on your pics and videos!

•Delivery Within 12 Hours(if Online, if not within 24 hours).

•When You Get More Comments Or Likes ,It Will Increase Your Instagram Rank Automatically,thus increasing your views and clicks!!!

•Followers Will Not Look Like They Are Ordered!!

•Refund Of Money If Not Satisfied!

•Friendly Customer Support!

•100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Be Ready To Send the Following Info Before Ordering :-

•An image that will be used to advertise your account!

•link to your account!

•what is your account related to!

Should look more like this:

If yes, you are at the right gig, and your search ends here!

I will provide 30+ REAL Instagram followers that comment on and like your pics and videos!

• Delivery within 12 hours (if online; if not, within 24 hours)

• When you get more comments or likes, it will increase your Instagram rank automatically, thus increasing your views and clicks!

• Followers will not look like they are ordered!

• Refund if you are not satisfied!

• Friendly customer support!

• 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Be ready to send the following info before ordering:

• An image that will be used to advertise your account

• Link to your account

• What your account is related to

Use the bold, highlighting, etc, as you want. But that should help with structuring.

As for pics…well, it may be just me, but a big block of text is off-putting. It looks too much like shady advertising, which to me makes it look like a scam. I’m NOT saying you’re running a scam. I’m saying it LOOKS like you could be. I always skip over services with ads like this, just because it looks like they’re trying to rope in buyers with too much promise and not enough delivery. Find an actual IMAGE. Maybe a happy person sitting at their computer (make sure you find one you can use commercially so you don’t infringe on any copyrights) or something like that. Or just remove that text block altogether. Your other images are okay (be sure you have the right to use them). Make one of those your main image.

Just continue to work on presentation. You may consider making a short video introduction or something (it doesn’t have to be you talking – it could be a quick commercial-like video).

And always, always work on promoting. Make yourself known so people can find you.

Patience is key. Getting the first sale or two is always the hardest.

Good luck!

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Guest norrsken_marc

Reply to @saimaira: For me, if I visit a page and see “Insstagram” and “Innstagram” and a bunch of other variations of the words “likes”, I will not want to do business with such a seller because I’d think you are trying too hard to bend the rules. As for seeing many purchases by the same buyer having the same name as your username, that’s very awkward. Probably to potential customers, this could be a red flag or a sign of dishonesty. Be yourself, offer good Gigs, and deliver them well, and you’ll find Fiverr to be a great place to do business.

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Guest norrsken_marc

Reply to @madmoo: I agree totally. For me, it definitely shows the lack of professionalism of a seller when I see bad grammar or curious spelling, and can even be a deal-breaker for a purchase I would otherwise be tempted to make on any website.

As for Fiverr not allowing excessive use of the same word, it is very understandable, seeing how many users have tried to fool the algorithms of keyword searches (just in the little time that I’ve been here). Like you stated, there is always a way to find clever synonyms, or simply group things together and only have to write “Instagram” once, or even use the clever abbreviation “IG”, as this shows a certain knowledge of the service you are trying to sell.

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