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My gig is not ranking and I am not getting work for many days. What should I do to get my gig rank and fiber 1st page? And How I can get the order? I want advice



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Your visibility on Fiverr is based on several things. Here are some of them: 

  • How successful you are, i.e. how satisfied your customers are with your work and service, the likelyhood of buyers ordering from your gig (relevance to what they're looking for), etc. 
  • Your seller level - Fiverr displays a mix of new and more experienced sellers. 
  • Your profile completeness, i.e. that you have made use of different features available to you. 

To succeed on Fiverr, it's crucial that you accurately assess your skills. If you commit to delivering expert-level work, you need to truly deliver at that level. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for unhappy customers, negative feedback, and a whole bunch of issues like repeated revision requests or even cancellations – all bad things that can make you less visible on Fiverr. 

An example of this would be claiming that you're a fluent English speaker if you're not. It's OK to not speak a foreign language fluently, but if you claim you do, people will expect it. Being honest and not overselling your abilities really does go a long way in keeping your buyers happy.


Let's say someone asks me to write an article about makeup. Sure, I could try. But it probably won't be impressive because I'm a guy and wouldn't know a mascara from an eyeshadow. If I said I was good at it anyway, the client would be disappointed. They were expecting a high-quality piece. So, what I'd do instead is be upfront with them, and admit that writing about makeup isn't my forte and possibly direct them to another seller who is more suited for the task.


Ultimately, I might not land that particular order, which is fine by me since I wouldn't be able to deliver top-notch work on that topic anyway. But this approach could lead them to think, "Wow, this guy is straightforward and really knows his strengths. Let's reach out to him the next time we need an article on a topic he's confident about!"

You'll also need to be great at communicating, and sharp with the details. Like, if your gig or profile description is riddled with typos or even misspelled company names that you claim to be an expert at working with.


I also noticed that you claim to have completed 1600 jobs, but there are only ten reviews on your profile. It's possible those jobs were done outside of Fiverr, but it's still something that might make people hesitant unless you've got a solid portfolio to show off.

You might want to rethink your gig thumbnails too. You're offering design services, among other things, and those thumbnails should showcase your design skills. Good thumbnails can really boost the chances of buyers clicking on your gig. If you're promising to create designs for someone's YouTube channel, they'll expect your thumbnails to mirror that level of professionalism. First impressions are key. 

I hope this helps!

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