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How is Delivery Time affected exactly in the Success Score?




Since I have Delivery Time having ''Strong Negative Impact'' on my main gig, I'm wondering how does this work since:

1- I always delivered in time, for very rare cases I use the time extension request when either my client needs more time to send me a voiceover to use for the music I'm making him, If I was the one needing more time I make sure to compensate for it with bonus elements.
I also read that time extension count in the ''Conflict'' metric not Delivery Time.

2- If I'm being compared to other sellers in the same category, that's unfair since I have one package that is deliverable in 7 days instead of my usual 4-5 days delivery for one single reason... It got double the amount of elements and I don't think the comparison Ai takes that into consideration.

3- Do revisions count as a part of the delivery times? If I tell people to take their time and gather feedback for a revision does that mean that's counting against me now?

And now this is just one metric that's confusing me, let alone the rest of them.



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