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Biggest Month Ever


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Hey Everyone,

I know I post this every time it happens, but I truly am super excited. Last month on Fiverr, I destroyed my all-time record by almost double. My monthly Fiverr income hit a previous record, and then doubled.

My income for the month was enough to match my wife’s income, effectively doubling our household income. As a work from home dad, who does voiceovers overnights, every night of the week, its exciting to see this all come together. I bought my first ever brand new car in January, and by the end of the year my Fiverr gigs will have fully paid it off. I will have a reliable vehicle for at least 10-15 years. After that, paying off the house, then retiring with no debt or major expenses.

I had lost nearly a decade of my life to bad business, lousy jobs, and struggling with every penny. After all this times its finally coming together. Just so excited to share this. Thanks for the read!!

–Millian fiverr.com/dominionfire

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The biggest thing I have found is to be as quick as possible with responding back to people. People expect instant answers and the faster you accommodate that, the better it goes. I have gotten gigs over others because I responded back first.

I have one regular now, who messaged me with a couple dozen questions and needed suggestions, before he ever bought a gig. He was so grateful for the help, that ever week he buys around $100 of gigs from me. Finally, I had a woman who was trying to solve a recording issue, and reached out to me for rush delivery. Eventually, she figured it out on her side, and ended up not needing my services. But she sent me a $10 tip, just because I was prompt on every inquiry she had.

So, lightning fast on the responses, is always a plus. Hope that helps


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