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never receive email to withdraw funds


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Dear admin and all,

I just resgiter to became a seller and got an order from my clients, and the client has pay and comfirmed job finish, and then the money need the be clear in 14 days later.

However, during the waiting for clear money, the team disable my account, and I can not get any email link to withdraw money, it is quire import for me, anyone can help? 

Thanks so much.

They said I have multi account, in fact, I only have one at that time.


the reply i got from support team:

I would also like to remind you that creating multiple Fiverr accounts while having a disabled account is not allowed as per our guidelines.
If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from the day your account was disabled, you will get an email explaining how to withdraw. This email will be sent automatically, and there is no need to contact customer support.
I understand this situation can be frustrating, and we certainly hope for your understanding.
Best regards,

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Hi! I am sorry to hear this. If your account has been disabled for any reason, you should have received an email from our customer support team with a link to withdraw any available funds. If you have not received this, or if you have any further questions, please submit a ticket to the CS team here.

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