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Could anyone explain the proper definition of success score? 



Could anyone explain the proper definition of success score?

I don't know what is happening with me. I am a new seller and have completed 5 criteria out of 6. 
There is no account violation or negative review in my gig/account. But, The success score was moved down to 3 from 4. In the meantime, I got a new order from my regular (repeated) clients and after completion, my score has increased again to 4

On the other hand, 3 days ago(11 Mar 2024) a popup window popped up on the screen when I logged in to my account and it said: Your overall performance and success score will be updated on 14 Mar 2024. (Try to do something...... I didn't remember exactly)

Today, Now (14 Mar 2024) I have fulfilled the 5 criteria out of 6. But, the success score hasn't been updated yet! It's till now 4. 🤔
I don't know when will update my success score again and I will get my badge as a Level 1 seller 😭😭😭

Thanks in advanced


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