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I am getting scammed by seller who refuses to cancel the order

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I made a really dumb mistake where I wanted one of those african dance videos with a message for my friend's birthday and I bought it from a seller on fiverr who's basically a scammer. He deleted the gig right after I bought it and posted a new gig with a video of completely different people and changed his profile picture. I asked him to cancel immediately after I saw this (1 minute after buying the gig) and he started begging me not to cancel and said he'll make the video for me.

He sent me a sample which was not what I wanted at all. He denied my request to cancel 4 times and I'm sure he'll deny my 5th request soon. Now he's demanding me to send him my Whatsapp number and make me pay another $10 dollars after the $20 I already spent for another video. I told him I don't want the video at all and he said he'll only cancel if I find him another client which is insane. I contacted fiverr support and got no response. I really don't know what to do. 

I'll attach evidence and screenshots below there's so much more in this conversation of him begging & me requesting to cancel & him saying no. 

(in one of the ss he says to check his reviews but he has none)









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Hello @plasticloubouti,

Sorry to hear you're having a tough experience with a seller. 

Fiverr support will get back to you, they're just pretty busy at the moment. 

I would suggest keeping your messages to support short and sweet, include screenshots and focus on the details:

'Seller is refusing to cancel my order, and is demanding my whatsapp number, more money, and that I find him a client'

I think you're justified in canceling this order, and I'm confident support will think so too. Just give them a bit of time. 

I would suggest you don't open multiple tickets with support, just update the existing ticket if you.

Also, just FYI, the forum is mainly buyers and sellers, and you can't get specific account advice here. It's perfectly okay to vent your frustration though!

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Posted (edited)

Hey thanks for your reply, it's given me hope that I'll get my money back. It's been really stressing me out because there's no customer support number and I feel like I am being ignored. Also it was actualy $40 because I forgot I also initially paid for add-ons. I tried to attach evidence but it didn't send, so let me try again with this post.










Screenshot 2024-03-14 094341.png

Screenshot 2024-03-14 094239.png

Screenshot 2024-03-14 094139.png

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Edited to remove seller name
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Hello @plasticloubouti,

I had to edit your post to remove the sellers name (forum rules).

Obviously you can share the full screenshots in your messages with the support team. Or if you want to reshare the full history on the forum please hide the sellers name.

The key messages I left and edited were:

1) Seller admitting to changing what they offered after you purchased

2) Seller asking for your whatsapp number 

3) Seller saying they would cancel if you found them a client

I think this clearly captures the problems you've had, and is also clear justification to cancel the order.

Whilst I can't speak for Fiverr, or the support team, I'd be very surprised if they don't cancel this order, return your money, and even potentially take action against the seller.

Like I say just give support some time as they are pretty swamped right now.

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Hi @plasticloubouti,

Sorry to read about this experience, in this case, I recommend contacting our Customer Support team and reporting this user.

You can open a ticket Here or send an email to support@fiverr.com.

Also, please take a minute to get familiar with our Terms of Service as well as Forum Rules, just to make sure you have everything covered in case of any further dilemmas.

I've edited your post since sharing private chat (even though Scam) is a violation of our Forum Rules, so going through them will help you avoid any further violations.

Thanks for your understanding and good luck  🍀

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