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New Metrics for Promotion

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Well, it seems Fiverr has put the final nail in the coffin for me.

They have gone and made it a detriment to have a low performing gig.  

Initially, the scores were an overall overview of how you were performing... now, it's not worth having as many gigs as before.  

Getting so close to meeting the requirements, only to have them yanked out from under you is a real slap in the face.  


It's sad... really sad, to have so many people who have pushed to attain a goal... only to have it pushed further away based on something that was previously included and is now punishable.

Why even have the extra gigs now?

Why keep them if they are holding you back?

Low performing gigs are just a variation in your skills for people who may or may not have a need.  They aren't the primary focus of your skills... and thus shouldn't count against you.

Fiverr continues to move the goal post, as to not inspire confidence in the systems they incorporate. 

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I totally agree with you and the new update on fiverr will be more detrimental to new seller and will  discourage confident sellers. The new update of fiverr is unfair to the sellers and they never take initiative to solve the sellers problems.

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