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Lack of Orders Despite Extended Online Presence



I am writing to address a concern regarding my recent experience on Fiverr.

Having been offline for over six months, I recently resumed my online presence on the platform. Despite being actively available for more than a week, I have not received any order briefs yet. It is noteworthy that I maintain an online presence for approximately 15-16+ hours daily.

Given this circumstance, I am prompted to inquire whether such a delay in receiving orders is typical after an extended period of offline activity. Alternatively, I am open to the possibility that there may be areas in which I need to improve to enhance my visibility and attract orders.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or recommendations you might offer to help me address this matter effectively.

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After being offline for that long you gigs will be low in the algorythm. Also from what I've noticed, having fiverr open in a tab won't show you as online, only actually being "online" will.

That being said, you have a few reviews already, which will help buyers choose you if they see your gig. 

I think patience is key. The the rankings are shuffled around now and then so as long as you act accordingly, when someone contacts you, it will pick up again.

Good Luck!

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