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Only (4) GIG for New Sallers!?


Only (4) GIG(s) For New Sellers!  

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  1. 1. Is is ture or false?


I heard from some of my friends that, Fiverr set only (4) Gig Publish for new freelancers/ New Sellers. And New Sellers have to remove their other GIG(s) except (4) before 14 March. Is it true? If yes, then why didn't I get a notification or email from Fiverr? Expecting the right answer from professionals!

Imtiaz Ahmed

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6 hours ago, desmond_aubery said:

Is there a logical reason for all this dramatic Gig pruning?

Yes, they want to earn less money from us, the sellers! 🙄 This are stupid updates!

Also, I cannot create a new gig!  Customer service told me that with this new update, I cannot have more than 4 gigs! So I have deleted more than 10 of my gigs, letting only 3 and I still cannot create a new gig. This is also against their interest... I don't understand why they change things like this! Before this I was Level 2 for years.

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7 hours ago, webcut said:

@milos_siena Can you suggest them like if they have 6 gigs then they should pause or delete those gigs ?

I had 5 active Gigs, and a new one in development and dumped the fifth and the new development.

I then expanded my remaining 4 Gigs to having 3 options each. So, in all, I offer 12 options.

The rest is now up to Fiverr to bring in the customers. I had two initial customers, with successful outcomes. The front-end marketing (impressions) is up to Fiverr now. That's what they earn their 20% cut for. Also, don't forget them earning interest on our money using delayed payments.

Fiverr is now going to have to up its front-end marketing game... I have linked the Gigs on my website and pumped emails. Fiverr needs to bring the rest.



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