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Charge more for basic feature and ethics?


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Hi everyone.

I’m a professional artist and have some spare time to work on fiverr, at first I just want to have some random direction when practice drawing, but the demand of my work is more than hobby time for me now (as my work quality is much higher than average work people willing to do for five bucks - I’m not bluff, see my drawing gigs and you can see the actual result that I give to customers).

But currently I feel my gig worth more than five bucks since it cutting to my leisure time, and I want to charge more for basic feature, not as much as I think it should, but a nicer number that motivate me to move my as from laptop to drawing table, let say $10 for a gig ($2 cut for fiverr and $8 for me). +$5 for background, +$10 for complex background, +$5 for hires scan, etc…

There’s some way to do it:

  1. Make a gig that “I will sketch half of everything you want for $5”. - not sure anyone will interesting in that kind of advertising.

  2. Say in description that “$5 will only give you small picture” (like 500 x 500px - I’m currently give them 1000px version and 3000px version for $5 more). - That kinda low blow, and I don’t like it.

  3. Ask nicely: “I actually only willing to work for $10 so you should order 2 gigs one here and one in extra payment gig, I still do it for one gig but I’m not happy with it.” - I like this options, but it’s weak.

  4. Something like 3 but harsher.

    Everyone on fiverr for cheap works, I can sketch more rough and do shading with 6B pencil and most of people will still think it look nice but I feel more comfortable to work to high quality sketch with my standard, and there’s no fun and no reason to work on fiverr since I’m not looking at money as main goal to work here, my day job feed me good enough.

    What do you think?

    Which option out of fours that you prefer if you’re the one want to order my gigs? Share some experience about the ethics of your work here and how you rate what kind of work you can offer that worth less or exactly five bucks?

    Thanks for reading this 🙂
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See, I told you it worth more than $5.

I will level up next week, let see if it really benefit… look like everyone satisfy with my $5 result so far. Tsk, not going to lower the quality, but somehow will need to adjust to let people see the ‘extras’ more appealing.

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