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Urgent Feedback: Fiverr Order Page Functionality

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I am writing to express my frustration and disappointment regarding the lack of real-time updates on the order page conversation feature of your platform.

For years now, I have been encountering the same issue repeatedly – the absence of live time updates when a new message is received on the order page conversation. This oversight is not only irritating but also significantly impacts the efficiency and timeliness of communication between buyers and sellers.

As a user who heavily relies on Fiverr for professional services, particularly in collaboration with developers, it is incredibly frustrating to constantly have to refresh the page just to check for new messages. This inconvenience has led to numerous instances where I have missed important messages, causing delays in project timelines and hindering productivity.

It is perplexing to me that such a fundamental aspect of communication within the platform has not been addressed despite the passage of years. It is even more baffling considering that real-time chat functionality already exists within Fiverr's messaging system. If it can be implemented there, why not extend it to the order page where it is equally if not more crucial?

I understand that Fiverr encourages users to conduct conversations primarily on the order page rather than through direct messages. However, this directive becomes counterproductive when the order page itself lacks basic functionality and becomes a source of frustration for users.

I urge you to prioritize the implementation of real-time chat updates on the order page without further delay.

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