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Top "Effective" and "Successful" Tips for Buyers (and perhaps Sellers)

Guest cheapgoodies

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Guest cheapgoodies

Hello everyone!

I thought it’ll be beneficial for me to post a thread on the TOP tips that a buyer should take note and apply most certainly on Fiverr (or anywhere) when purchasing a service or product online. Who knows, this may help sellers too.

Let me introduce myself to give you more idea about me. I have been providing services here on Fiverr for almost 2 months and had over 100 purchases, and am a level 1 seller. Aside from being a seller, I too have been a buyer, and made a couple of purchases here and there.

Most of the time I have had a lot of experiences on buyers who are not really attentive or cautious with what they are going into. Below are some tips that could help you and your seller work your project out successfully.

  1. GATHER YOUR DATA. One of the most vital aspect of your project are the assets to be used for the project. These may be text, sketches, ideas, audio, photos, any many more. Having all the assets that you and the seller may need before hand will ensure that your transaction will initiate smoothly.

  2. DO SOME RESEARCH. Doing some good research would really help you evaluate on whom you should hire that will be a perfect fit for the job. Some factors to consider are: ratings, language fluency, gig description, trustworthy profile (photo and/or description), etc.

  3. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE and COMMUNICATE. Communicating excessively wont be a harm if it is inline with what you need and the seller offers. I have had A LOT of buyers purchasing right away without reading my gig description. I could say this because I made it clear that they should contact me before making a purchase.

    A key factor for a successful project is communication. Contact your prospective seller and ask questions in regards their deliverable, ETA, what to expect, and lay it out straight to them on what you need (everything as possible without releasing confidential information). Ask a lot of questions if needed so that expectations are set on the table for both parties to make things crystal clear. Asking won’t hurt, but don’t make it in a spam-y manner.


    Once you have determined that the seller is responsive, and delivery date has been set upon your discussion with the seller, it would be great to make a follow up and ask your seller a day or 12 hours before delivery time if things are going well and if they could make it on time. Chances are, some are too busy to inform you that they will be late, or lacking info or files from you to deliver the project.


    If the above steps were followed in a orderly manner, it’ll be a reward to pat your seller’s back by providing a fair and honest rating and actually writing out your feedback on their service and how it went.

    I do hope these tips would help you, and make your future purchases a success!


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