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Please let me know how can i improve my gig?


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That gig "I will ghostwrite unique stories with a twist" is in the subcategory Writing & Translation->Creative Writing->Letters

Surely since you're not writing letters but are writing stories it would be better in a different subcategory/nested subcategory.

Your gig tags are "ghostwriting" & "book writing".

If you're offering book writing you could put the gig in the Writing & Translation->Book & eBook Writing subcategory (unless it won't let you change it now).

Though the package descriptions don't really seem like it's for books - they're more like shorter stories.

You've got another gig that's for stories but is in the "Letters" nested subcategory too that might be better not being there.

In your gig "do personalized valentines day writing" the gig title says "writing" but the gig is in the Proofreading & Editing->Proofreading subcategory. So people might think it's for proofreading rather than writing.

Also your gig "I will write children book story , magical forest adventure series".

Maybe change the gig title. Also your gig is in the Creative Writing ->Poetry section but your gig doesn't seem to be for poetry, so maybe change the subcategory/nested one. In the FAQ of that gig you say you'll deliver the story through Fiverr messaging. Maybe change that as it sounds like you'll deliver it through the inbox instead of through the order page like it's supposed to be delivered.

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