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New Fiverr Updated level Systems (vague/unclear). Kindly have a look in to this feature

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 First of all I am very very thankful to fiverr who gives me an opportunity to work on this platform as a freelancer. I started my journey here about 1 year ago and till then I have been working my work with full honesty, devotion and hardwork. I always try to deliver 100% of my work and always try to satisfy each and every client 100% with my work. That is the main reason most of my clients come back to me again for work. Clients come back to me  because they are happy with my work as well as the prices and quality.
Dear Fiverr the new fiverr system is very vague and unclear. At the start mostly of my gigs are ranking on fiverr first page on different keywords but now suddenly they have deranked very below. most of my gigs showed a negative impact at Client satisfaction which comes in success score. and my success score is also 4 which is also unfair due to fiverr algorithm of the new update.and I can also show you some reasons thats why I calling it unfair. 
1) when any client comes on my gig. ater his first order mostly of the clients come again on my gigs and mostly of them aslo selected for his project. That is the reason 3 of the my cleint I have completed more than 10 orders for each client. and all they are very satisfied with my work. besides this my other clients also come back to me again.
2) Client satisfaction is my priorty and I always deliever superb work that's the reason now mostly of the my clients site traffic is in thousands.
3) one drawback here which I faced in my career on fiverr due to which I am in loss (ie my client satisfaction score is less). The reason behind this is that as my gigs were ranked on fiverr on different keywords so mostly of the freelancer also contacted me on fiverr just for getting knowledge of his own field. As a am guest blogger so mostly of the freelancer texts me for getting sites.and that clients did not give order to anyone on fiverr because they themselves are freelancer.

I want to give one suggestion that there should be some strict rules for freelancers that do not send messages to other freelancer for getting knowledger and experience for himself. or their should be a limit for freelancer  that  I freelancer could sent limited messages in the month or to limited number of other freelaner. If he text other freelancers then he want buy from any of the freelancer. Specially Asian and South African Freelancer are texting to other freelancer just for waiting time like ( Indian, Bangladesh, pakistani, Nigerain etc) all texts without any reason. and if they buy then only pay 5$.   in the same way I aslo get messages from more than 10 freelaner that did not buy any thing from me. neither they have any review till now. due to whch my client satsifiation score goes down.  

At the end its my request to fiverr team to give me a tip so that my success score goes up higher so that i can go in next level 2 because all of the criteria is completed and how my gigs ranked again as few days ago my mostly gigs were ranking on fiverr first pages specially my beauty Guest post gigs were ranking on 2nd postion by main keyword ie beauty guest post but now they go down.
before this updation my concentration was to earn 2k$ and complete 50 orders and also fulfilled fiverr other rules for coming in next level but that level system has been changed. can you give me ideain how much time I can go in next level. please share some tips which I adopt for comming in next level.
I think this level system is really unbelievable and vague scoring system. kindly have a look into this feature please.
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