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Sudden Withdrawal Delays after Years of No Issues



I have been selling on Fiverr for many years. The experience has been great and I am a high volume and top rated seller. Over the last few weeks I have had issues withdrawing funds. For years, I have been able to make one withdrawal every 24 hours. Recently, withdrawals have been stuck on processing for 72+ hours, leaving me unable to initiate another withdrawal. 

When I am able to initiate a withdrawal, the funds reach my bank account the same day and clear just like normal, yet on Fiverr's side it says "withdrawal in progress" for days which prevents the initiation of another withdrawal. Most recently, I can see the last withdrawal hit my bank account 3 days ago and cleared, yet Fiverr won't allow another withdrawal and says "withdrawal in progress". 

I've submitted a ticket to support about this and received a pretty generic response about the 24 hour withdrawal rule, which I am aware of. I responded and explained the issue is extending for 72+ hours. They said they would forward to the relevant team. I have not received an update from support in 3 days about this. The ticket is still open and I have followed up on the ticket requesting an update and have gotten no response. 

My gigs are all still active, I am receiving orders and messages from new and past buyers just like normal. 

Has anyone else experienced this and/or have a recommendation on how to resolve this issue?

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