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New Level and Gig Ranking, Delete my gigs and create new ones?



Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well; I came here for a recommendation.

I've been a seller on Fiverr for about 10 months now, and Fiverr has truly changed my life. With several ups and downs, I managed to understand it very well, so much so that by December 2023, I was level 2, with all my stats at 100% and I was averaging 4000 views per week. I was really swamped with work; it was excellent.

So much so that I couldn't keep up with the demand I was experiencing, I had to hire people to help me respond to messages, I had to hire editors, creatives, etc., many professionals!

The problem was that in December my stats dropped significantly, many orders were canceled, there were a few negative comments, and my weekly views fell back down to 300/400.

In January, I slowly started to recover, and I was sure that soon, with my new team, I would have my stats back at 100% and the flow of people I had before.

In the meantime, Fiverr introduced this new scoring system, and today I have my account with my stats at 100%, with all the requirements to be a level 2 seller, very close to being a Top Seller, but because of my new rating for each GIG I have (3 in total), I can't level up. What's more, I'm only getting 80 views per week, which is really sad!

I've been surviving on my regular clients for 2 months now, and I really don't like depending on them, especially now that I've hired people I'm paying salaries to help me!

My question is, what do you recommend I do, delete my gigs and start new ones or keep waiting?

All my gigs have an average of 5 stars, one has 84 ratings (4.9 stars), another 16 ratings (4.9 stars), and another 0 ratings but brings in an important client from time to time.

Help! Recommend what I should do!





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