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Want someone to review my post and gigs

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1 hour ago, tanishkhubber said:

Hi, i am a new freelancer and i know i have flaws in my profile and can some experienced freelancer help me to improve and correct my mistake?

link to my profile: Tanish | Profile | Fiverr

I suggest leveraging your advertised skills as an SEO expert to enhance your gig descriptions and profile description. Currently, they fail to showcase the expertise you claim to have.

Remember, details and first impressions are crucial. Right now, it appears that you haven't devoted much attention tothings like grammar and language, which are critical skills to have when you claim to be an SEO expert. 

I'd also suggest updating your profile picture. While it's not terrible, a professional headshot would be better.

Your gig image is a generic stock photo with small text that spills over the edges in search listings. 

Hope this helps 🙂


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