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Question: Delivery Date Extensions & Bulk Orders



Hi there,

I am working on my first order in fiverr, (excited tbh) but I have a question.

My client ordered 5 different 3d models at once, and right after the order got to me, there was another notification about the delivery date update. I offered to deliver in 2 days for each model, but I realized that I have 2 days to deliver all of those orders.

I contacted my client about it and he said "Fiverr should have given 2x5=10 days for the order. No worries, I'll hold the delivery until you finish all. If you like you can also deliver the order with one model and send me the rest from inbox."

This whole situation made me a bit confused but kept working regardless. I finished the first order and sent the files through the order's chat, but then I didn't close the order but instead I extended the delivery date for another 2 days to work on the next order. My client says extending the delivery date would give me negative points in fiverr's system and I shouldn't have done that.

I am kinda confused and need some advice about what I should do to handle such a situation. Any help?


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14 hours ago, karizmatic_noor said:

In my view, if feasible, it would be preferable to complete within two days. This is your first order, and we've been waiting for over two months without receiving any orders. Let's not take any unnecessary risks.

That's the thing... I can barely complete one in 2 days. 

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