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Custom offer improvements.

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I will normally try and get buyers to purchase from my gig page, even when I have been discussing their requirements.

The main reason I do this is because I am giving them the opportunity to discover the extras on the gig which will possibly lead to upsells.

Sometimes, though, after the conversation, I know exactly what a buyer needs and it’s easier to send them a custom offer, as it gives the buyer convenience of not having to go and build the order themselves.

However, creating custom offers is quite cumbersome when one is trying to be consistent with the pricing options on their gig pages. I do most of my communication using the Fiverr app and, while I can create custom offers, the interface doesn’t contain some really fundamental options.

At the moment, if I am building a custom offer for a buyer, and I know that their order is going to be the equivalent to one of my packages, and they want a couple of extras, for example, I have to go on my computer to the “edit gig” section to check what all my prices are, so I can ensure that I am charging the same amount as if they were to buy from me on my gig page. Gig extras cannot be seen at all on the mobile app and also can’t be seen on the web without signing in and going through the order process, which I obviously can’t do, as that would be me trying to order my own gig.

Now, I could keep a pricelist saved on my devices, but that is just more work and makes human-error more likely. It’s also even more work when I change my prices.

Could the process of creating an offer, simply include all of the available extras for that gig, so I can add them and it will automatically add the appropriate pricing? I’d still like to be able to override any price I want, but having this functionality would allow me to price up the gig consistently with my gig offering, if I want, or simply use that pricing-up as a reference point from which to define a custom price.

This would be so much faster and also make it possible to price-up an offer when I’m away from my laptop.

This might totally be a problem that I’m facing alone, but I’m curious if other sellers have had this issue. 


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For me, very few people select any add-ons when they order through gigs. 

When I create custom offers on a PC, a lot of the add-ons Fiverr makes available were deleted several months ago but are still somehow stored in the system.

I generally try not to do much on the app at all, as I'm not at all fond of working on a 6" screen, but I expect that what would be listed for add-ons would be the same as the web version.

What I want most for custom offers is for the delivery time clock to start ticking once the the offer is accepted--and not start from the time that the offer was created. Someone could accept it and you then have a couple or few hours to deliver when you needed a couple of days. I don't know what the reasoning is behind the way this is set up, but when I asked CS about it they just said "well, you can just ask the buyer for a delivery extension." When I asked if extensions muck up our social credit score, they said "not necessarily."  

Anyhoo, I got off track, there.

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