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My account were banned 60 days ago due to accusation of false delivery



Regarding from third warning (4 January) which is false delivery is very wrong accusation my client for me. This is because he gave me unclear text writing by hand which is I not clearly understand for several word but I still make them to revise. According with this issue, I already ask my client to give me ‘text’ on the message not by hand writing that's very unclear.
Second thing, I still made the revision that only I understand several word but he said I am not. This is very mistake if he accuse me for false delivery though it’s unclear ‘text’ on the file he gave to me. And the revision file I made are clearly change cause I revise that. That’s are unfair for me he accuse me gave wrong delivery. 
Third thing, I need to stop for while from chatting him due to very bad word he throw at me and I blocked him just for while to make this calm. I also report to customer support but no act for him.
For conclusion, I am the victim for this project and make my account districted from doing my job. I just can’t accept this my account cannot recover while my client got my free work and his money back. Furthermore, the biggest problem is I can't do nothing in 60 day except finish my current order while waiting my account to close by the system due to unclear file to revision. This is very hurt and said for me. I am very hope customer support can review and activate my account please cause this is my only job income.

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