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FIVERR business relationship


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On 3/4/2024 at 1:51 AM, fhatibu said:

Purely for discussion, but has anyone ever attempted to developed a friendship from a FIVERR business relationship? What happened?

In my case, I never attempted nor want to.

I believe family, relatives, friends and business should be treated differently.

Friendly behavior is necessary, but being a friend ? I don't think so.


They need service, and we need income.

When need is over, both say goodbye. Simple!

I think in business we need to think about profit.

When old relation becomes non-profitable compared to new ones, we simply dump it.
Because we are here to grow, not to carry out friendships even when they are burden.

(Just a thought, I'm open to hear disagreements.)

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I have never attempted something like this. I strongly believe that this is something impossible because 95%, if not more, people who come to us are super busy with their career and personal life. Therefore, it goes against business ethics to do something like this.

The buyers come to us for our services not to make friendship.

Thanks for reading.

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I have a client-turned-friend. We have common interests, one of which she wrote a book about and hired me to do a few projects for. We spent time on video calls for business reasons initially but it evolved because we connected so well.

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