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Doubts about the new "Required Actions" to be done on Gigs.

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Ciao a tutti,

I'm writing because I've several doubts with some of Fiverr's latest updates and some required actions that it asks me to perform on my Gigs, going in order:

- The Gigs I'm talking about refer to the design and development of websites. They seem to work well, bringing in a fair number of contacts and projects;

- For convenience, I'll refer to one in particular (but my doubts are the same for the other Gigs):

- Thanks to this Gig, over time, I've been contacted by several clients and created several projects for both NEW and RESTYLING websites, both on WORDPRESS or JOOMLA or SHOPIFY and so on;

- Fiverr is asking me to carry out "Required Actions" on these Gigs by March 14th, so as not to have problems with their visibility;

- These actions consist of filling in the "Service Type" field which asks me for only one mandatory possible option between:

. Choose between "Website UI/UX Design" or "Website Builders Design";
. Choose the tool or platform used;
. Choose the type of Site;
. Choose whether it is a new site or a restyling.


After having made this premise, I come to the doubts:

1. With this Gig I'm contacted both by people looking for a RESTYLING and by people who want a NEW WEBSITE, now why should I exclude one of the two categories?

- Should I create two identical Gigs, one dedicated to a new site and one dedicated to the restyling?

2. I'm addressing clients who are interested in developing a website dedicated to the fashion business. With the current configuration the client sees that I can work with different CMS and once they contact me we choose the most suitable one for them.

- Now why should I indicate only one mandatory CMS and sacrifice the others?

- Should I create 2 or more identical Gigs, with identical descriptions, for each CMS I work with?

"Design a Top Quality WORDPRESS Fashion Website for Clothing Brands"

"Design a Top Quality JOOMLA Fashion Website for Clothing Brands"

"Design a Top Quality SHOPIFY Fashion Website for Clothing Brands"

3. The same for the Tools, there are projects with which we work with multiple tools, now why should I choose only one mandatory and penalize the others that I use equally?

- Should I create many identical Gigs for how many types of sites and which ones will I work with?

"Design a Top Quality JOOMLA Fashion Website for Clothing Brands using FIGMA"

"Design a Top Quality JOOMLA Fashion Website for Clothing Brands using ADOBEXD" and so on ...


I hope I have been clear, I apologize for the long message but I'm having difficulty with these choices because I'm afraid that they will make my work less agile than before.

I await your feedback and remain at your complete disposal for further information on the matter. What do you think of the community?


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