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Will it be a problem if the buyer himself shares the link?



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Hi @tania43289, This isn't an issue at all - referrals are a great way to get business on Fiverr. Your buyers can just click on the "Share" button that is above your packages when they visit your gig and share that with anyone who they would like to share your services with:



Your buyers should use the full URL link (and not a URL shortener). 

Also, anyone can put your badge on their website - all they need is the code from your "Scale My Business" dropdown option from your "Growth & Marketing" tab. This badge has your profile picture, Fiverr's logo, a description of your services, your public ratings average, and a direct link to your gigs. It's a more visually appealing way to share your gig (as opposed to a link).



If your buyer would like to earn money promoting you and other Fiverr sellers, they can choose to join the Fiverr Affiliate program here:


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