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Cancel order after 3 day of purchasing



Hi I need help and support keep closing my request,on the 29 I purchased I gig from some guy to make me I app videos sharing and I told him I was going to pay weekly exemple he finishes one task I will pay him then move to the next task,he say no fiver policy won't allowed so I pay everything one time around 850$

I told not github or clone app and the I need everything updates so after 2 day I send him I email 

I hope this message finds you well. I'm excited about our project and wanted to check in to see if you've been able to start as planned. Do you have any initial questions or need further clarifications from me?

I'm keen to ensure we're aligned on how the project progresses, so could you let me know how often and in what format you'll be providing updates? Also, what are the next steps you'll be taking in the coming days?

Please feel free to reach out if there's anything you need from my side to facilitate your work. If you think a quick message or chat would be helpful to discuss any complex aspects or to clarify anything, I'm open to arranging that at your convenience.

Looking forward to our collaboration and the amazing work we'll achieve.

he never replied so on the 3 day I cancel the order I soon I cancel he answer me why you cancel 

I told him I need updates after talk here,talk there he send me I simply sign in or create account page video and I was expecting some code or something to show me I working on the project and the video he send me from development prospects sing in or create account come after few steps main step are home fragment so politely I ask him we are wasting time here and after 28 day I will be disappointed so after 3 day I cancel the order now he keeps refusing to cancel the order and support keep closing my request do I need to contact the bank what should I do?

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