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I am video editor - new on Fiverr but expert in the industry!

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I am Abeer Shaikh, a civil engineering student from Pakistan, with a strong interest and background in video editing, writing, and ecommerce. I started video editing 5 years ago, and over time, my passion for video editing has only touched the ceiling. I have managed social media pages for stores and student societies as a video editor, and I can boast that my work has always been praised. My expertise includes Adobe Premier Pro and Cacput.

I have also co-authored research papers, while crafting compelling articles and blogs and have maintained my reputation as Head of Documentation for student societies. 

I translated my video editing skills into ecommerce and started learning amazon, dropshipping, and ebay. I liked the idea of ecommerce and I started viewing it as a gateway towards countless opportunities. Recently, I have completed some courses and stood out among my classmates. My expertise in ecommerce management in addition to video editing skills, is credible.

I am hoping to further polish my skills via freelancing. I am optimistic that, it will set me up for better opportunities. I would highly appreciate the feedback on the media I have attached to this write-up.

Thank you!



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I have as much passion for blog writing as I do for video editing. I have a deep love for writing blogs and I have explored and read blogs on Fiverr, while I find them very captivating and interesting, I wish to contribute my part to it as well. Therefore, I wish to know how can I share my blogs on Fiverr blogs?

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