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no orders no work. help me figure it out


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hello everyone! I live in Ukraine and registered for work three months ago. I'm a motion designer. I have a question. why don’t I have any orders? At the beginning there were views on my page but now they don’t. help

I live and work in Ukraine. I registered three months ago with the prospect of working in the future. in three months there was only one order for animation. the question is why there are no orders and what needs to be done to make an order appear and increase orders

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What does 'bg' stand for? Why is your sample image just circles? Why do you only have one logo animation sample? Why don't you have more image samples? Why is there a QR code in the video? What is 'videoi'? Why are there no samples that show rigging or the workflow? Why is the description so short for two of the gigs? Why does only one of the Gigs have a FAQ? Why only one FAQ? Why does the single FAQ not actually answer the question? Why don't the gigs use five tags?

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