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8 minutes ago, xpert_graphx said:

Hello there. I am new seller here. It’s been 1 month since I posted my new gig  But I couldn’t find a job from my jig. I want the advice of experts. What should I do now? Please give me some tips.

Here's the best tip I can give you.   Your customers aren't stupid, and with the benefit of a reverse image search, they will know if you're 'unique' designs are in fact templates. 

Don't claim to make custom artwork, as you will get caught out, and you also run the risk of running into tricky copyright situations, not only for you, but for your potential customers.   

So, put your own work on your gigs, and let your customers be the judge of whether it's good enough. 

Good luck 

Add a heading - 2024-03-01T100549.146.png

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10 hours ago, proshanto777 said:

same here.


11 minutes ago, methu6969 said:


What, you're both pretending to offer custom artwork, but your gig images are stolen from the internet?

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