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Cancelled A Fake Order But I'm Noticed Compensated - What Can I Do!


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My Gig is just for tweeting links including text, hashtags images, or videos. Unfortunately, one buyer ordered but willingly didn't provide any links or content either, wrote "I want to promote just this". That means he willingly avoided essential conditions to provide me with promotable content. I requested several times in the order section by messaging him, but no response either. When came deal line to submit work, I just sincerely requested via the resolution center to whether provide content or cancel the order following the option "no required materials".

Fiverr authority has canceled the order, but unfortunately, the authority notified me by "You were compensated for your canceled order" with the buyer. In this circumstance, I'm feeling so insecure on the platform because of fake orders that can destroy my work reputation. Fiverr authority has no authentic role to check the facts and save my sincere presence here. What can I do at this point of helplessness so I can continue bonafidely? 

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