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New button for automatic responses to clients

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So a button to automatically place a request for reviews, and to "etiquete" response to ask the client to respond when they are not responding and your time is getting over, so we can extend time without severe punishment because the client went on vacations.

So this way we can avoid the AI to punish us for not using the exact wording the AI is programmed and we avoid the need to understand random generated Etiquetes and impossible to guess Rules of the AI.... so if the AI consideres this response inadequate we can go to the Custommer AI Service to explain it was the AI and not us.

I know that this will cause in the future to make all freelancers loose absloutly their personality, destroying the contact with clients and the personal touch that makes some clients come back to us and not other with the exact same job, but i guess thats the idea behind the AI implementation, so i think this will be a good solution for all.


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