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Buyer Instruction Section Too Short

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My gigs require that customers complete questionnaires for things like press releases, biographies, FAQ web copy and so forth. There simply isn’t enough room to list all the questions that need to be answered. The work-around? We have questionnaires that Buyers request and submit with the needed information. Of course, there are some Buyers that fail to initiate this step and start the clock running while we wait for information. There currently is no way to stop this and the mutual cancellation feature is used when the deadline gets too close. QUESTION: Can we expect some type of feature where the Buyer makes a purchase and is able to download the questionnaire immediately–BEFORE they click the submit button??? We don’t expect a form editor to be built into the system and we cannot direct customers to our own forms submission site, so this added feature would be helpful. ALTERNATIVELY, why not simply increase the Buyer Instruction Section so that we can put all the questions in there? The max characters simply won’t accommodate. Any thoughts within the community?

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